DeVal Lifecycle Support is a Parts Life, Inc. company and a certified small business entity operating in Philadelphia, PA. Founded in 1954, DeVal LCS (previously DeVal Corp) has roots in several manufacturing areas such as equipment manufacturing, remanufacturing, turn-key start up, and long-term logistic and spare parts support.

DeVal LCS is presently operating under regimented performance guidelines constituted by ISO9001:2015 and AS9100D Certified Quality Management Systems Programs. Additionally, we have incorporated the fundamental philosophies of Total Quality Management (TQM), establishing a foundation for continuous improvement.

Our customer service-oriented team, along with our engineering design, and reverse engineering capabilities has made DeVal LCS stand out in the fleet as the optimum source for support. Our past and present performance has established us as the supplier of approximately 53 families of legacy Aircraft Support Equipment. DeVal LCS owns tooling packages, including all of the required Forging Dies, Casting Patterns, and Molds, and has developed specialized welding and machining fixtures for all families of Aircraft Support Equipment that we provide. DeVal LCS also provides on-site nondestructive testing (NDT) for ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

We feel that with our past experiences and high customer satisfaction, we offer the best value package that is on the market today.  This is from the standpoint of cost, reliability, acquisition, logistic support, and overall value. DeVal LCS is proud to retain its employees and maintain an attractive working atmosphere and benefits package with comprehensive personnel, OSHA safety, environment protection, and drug free work place policies.

DeVal Lifecycle Support

7341 Tulip Street

Philadelphia, PA 19136