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We believe that servant leadership begins by empowering our employees to carry the lessons to their communities and beyond. While serving the warfighter and the U.S. taxpayer is our primary mission, our commitment goes far beyond the needs of our valued customers. PLI plays a major role in the local community­–  From our CEO to our interns, every team member understands the importance of servant leadership. We believe in the power of giving back by empowering today’s youth and reaching out to those in need in our local community and beyond.

Our People Make Our Business

The primary objective of the HUBZone program is to create jobs and increase capital investment in distressed communities with low income, high poverty, or high levels of unemployment. To qualify for HUBZone status, the company must be located in a HUBZone location and have at least 35% of employees live in HUBZone designated areas. We’re proud that 44% of DeVal employees live in HUBZone areas, and in 2020, 17 employees became first time homeowners. We offer multiple education classes for personal and professional development, from reading enrichment clubs to English as a second language classes, designed to enrich our employees both personally and professionally. 

Meet Derrick, a Quality Auditor at DeVal Lifecycle Support. Derrick shares his story on overcoming adversity and challenges while growing up in Northeast Philadelphia, including a 10.5 year prison sentence and how he used that time to foster real changes in his life. 

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