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At Deval Lifecycle Support, we are dedicated to fostering a culture of servant leadership, where our employees are encouraged to take the lessons they've learned and make a meaningful impact within their communities and beyond. While our primary mission is to serve the warfighter and the U.S. taxpayer, our commitment extends far beyond the needs of our esteemed clients.

At every level of our organization, from our CEO to our interns, we understand and embrace the significance of servant leadership. Deval Lifecycle Support actively contributes to the local community by empowering the next generation and supporting those in need, both locally and on a broader scale. This dedication to giving back is an integral part of our company's values.

Our People Make Our Business

At DeVal, we are committed to fostering economic growth in underprivileged communities through the HUBZone program. Surpassing the required 35%, a significant proportion of our employees reside in HUBZone areas, demonstrating our dedication to this initiative.

Since 2020, we have proudly supported 22+ employees and counting in becoming first-time homeowners. We continually invest in our team's personal and professional development by offering tailored educational programs, reinforcing DeVal's commitment to both our employees and the communities we serve.

Meet Derrick, a Quality Auditor at DeVal Lifecycle Support. Derrick shares his story on overcoming adversity and challenges while growing up in Northeast Philadelphia, including a 10.5 year prison sentence and how he used that time to foster real changes in his life. 

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