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DeVal Lifecycle Support becomes AS9100D Accredited

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Press Release

June 25th, 2018 Media Contact: Rachel Kaluhiokalani,

We are proud to announce that DeVal Lifecycle Support, LLC is now AS9100D certified!

Our team has worked diligently to ensure a smooth transition from AS9100C to AS9100D.

At DeVal, quality is at the core of all that we do for our customers, because we understand that it is no less than the fate of the warfighter and everyday citizen that depends on the quality of our production. We take pride in knowing that the solutions and products we provide, as well as the processes we have in place, are of the highest caliber.

Over the next few weeks, DeVal Lifecycle Support will be highlighting the requirements, and the benefits of the new certification to our customers!

Our team takes the issue of counterfeit parts/components very seriously! It could mean the failure of components, and the potential loss of life in a critical situation. Parts Life, Inc. understands the risks of allowing counterfeit items to pass through our doors.

In keeping with AS9100D standards, our team utilizes effective internal processes and systems to address these issues. Parts Life, Inc. is committed to identifying and eliminating the largest areas of risk while maintaining a database of counterfeit part mitigation activity.

This ensures the highest degree of quality control for our customers, as our purchasing department ensures that all items procured are sourced via Parts Life Approved Independent Distributors and vetted through our exhaustive Supplier Evaluation Process.

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