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Northrop Grumman offers appreciation to DeVal Lifcycle Support on production of Aero 12-C Bomb Skid

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Press Release

July 28, 2018

Media Contact: Rachel Kaluhiokalani,

The DeVal Lifecycle Support team was recently recognized by Northrup Grumman for meeting a critical & formidable deadline for one of our U.S. allies. A letter was sent by Northrop Grumman offering appreciation for the support and commitment demonstrated during the production and delivery of the Aero 12-C Bomb Skid. Deval Lifecycle Support was able to significantly reduce schedule lead time and overcame numerous production challenges to exceed an incredibly tight deadline. The DeVal team went above and beyond & exhibited quick feet & Jet-ski like agility to get this work done! Our commitment to the customer included changing family plans during the long weekend before Memorial Day. Congratulations to all of our team members who worked tirelessly over the weekend, including Sunday, to get the job done!

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