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Armament & Ground Support Equipment

Munitions Trailers, Trailer adapters and add-ons, drawbars, cargo loaders, weapons transportation adapters, bomb hoists, dollies, maintenance platforms, self propelled weapons loaders and more.

MRO Diagnostic Test Equipment

Electrical test sets, mechanical tool sets, and more for military assets. 

Transporters & Loaders

& Loaders >
SATS_010 copy.jpg

AS32K1E SATS Weapons Loader

This self-propelled, diesel engine-driven, hydraulically operated weapons loader is used to load externally carried munitions, weapons, and stores onto various aircraft. The SATS loader has a low, heavy-duty frame  is capable of transporting specified loads over rough terrain as well as hard, smooth surfaces. The manipulator head is capable of longitudinal, lateral, yaw and roll motions with controls located at the driver seat and boom assembly. It utilizes a hydrostatic drive system for propulsion.

NSN 1710-01-505-3956

PART# 3772AS100-1 


• AS32K1E
DeValMHU191Aero58ADrawbar copy 2.jpg
MHU 191.jpg

MHU 191A/M Munitions Transporter

The MHU 191 A/M is a Zero-Maintenance, universal transporter and drawbar system that provides a means of moving weapons and stores to and or from assembly areas to aircraft for loading and unloading. Most shipboard and shore based adapters are designed around this transporter (AERO 21C is an early designation). The transporter can carry a diverse assortment of airborne munitions and missiles by configuring the skid with distinct sets of adapters developed to support the particular munitions or missiles that are to be loaded on the aircraft. Its low profile enables it to be easily maneuvered on flight decks.

NSN 1740-01-244-3449

PART# 3992AS100-1


• MHU 191A/M
12Unit jan 17 2008 004 copy2.jpg

AERO 12C Bomb Skid

The AERO 12C Bomb Skid is a wheelbarrow type skid consisting of a cradle-type frame mounted on two rubber-tired wheels and equipped with two supporting legs. 


NSN 1740-00-872-9361

PART# 62A81D1


• AERO 12C


Trailers >
51E April 11 2011 006 copy2.jpg

AERO 51E Series Munitions Trailer

The AERO 51E Munitions Trailer is a towed transport non-skid flat deck four-wheel vehicle with automotive type steering, hydraulic 4-wheel extended life disc brake system, tow bar and cable harness. The 51E has two center panels that are hinged to open, giving access to the load by forklift type handling equipment. These hinged panels can also accommodate adapters to support ordinance, weapon, and missile combinations or loads, and includes a rear toolbox. The 51E is a 100% Zero-Maintenance unit with an LED lighting system and equipped with a greaseless bearing system that required no lubrication for the life of the unit.

NSN 1740-01-533-8577

PART# 3922AS100-1 


• AERO 51E
• MHU 126A/M
126AM 009 copy2.jpg

MHU 126A/M Munitions Trailer

The MHU-126 A/M Munitions Trailer is designed for transporting munitions to and from aircraft at shore bases.  In addition, the trailer is used for transporting the Linkless Ammunition Loading systems at shore bases. 

NSN 1740-01-062-5188

PART# 804AS100-5 


126AM 001 copy.jpg

MHU 171/E Munitions Trailer

The MHU 171/E Munitions Trailer is designed to be used with a towing vehicle for transporting Tactical Air Reconnaissance Pod Systems (TARPS), aerial targets, and various weapons/stores.

NSN 1740-01-241-5015

PART# 1223AS100-3 


• MHU 171/E
MHU185_DSCN2374 copy.jpg

MHU 185 Munitions Trailer

The MHU 185 Munitions Trailer is a four-wheeled vehicle with a leaf-spring suspension system, pneumatic tires, and automotive knuckle-type steering.

NSN 1740-01-126-8980 

PART# 1318AS100-1


• MHU 185
• MHU 202/M
MHU202_000 2 copy.jpg

MHU 202/M Munitions Trailer

Operationable in all climatic conditions, The MHU-202 is a shore-based, low profile, dual rail, four-wheeled vehicle equipped with pneumatic tires and automotive knuckle-type Ackerman steering.

NSN 1740-01-379-0754 

PART# 1905AS100-1 



Adapters >
514 Adapter 004_2 copy.jpg

ADU-514 Small Missile Adapter

The ADU-514A/E Small Missile Adapter is an aluminum weldment that used on many different models of weapon skids, transporters, and trailers.

NSN 4920-01-501-8224

PART# 1763AS700-2


• ADU 514
• AERO 71A
AERO 71A Flatbed Adapter

AERO 71A Flatbed Adapter

The Aero 71A Flatbed Adapter can be used with various skids, transporters, and trailers. It consists of a welded aluminum angle frame, sheet aluminum deck, and steel tube stakes.

NSN 1740-00-943-7946

PART# 2483105


ADU483E 007 copy.jpg

ADU 483/E Weapon Adapter

Used to support and secure two weapons at once, the ADU-483/E Skid Adapter consists of an upper frame equipped with a connection pin to secure to a second adapter.

NSN 1730-01-096-5163

PART# 64A114D320-1


• ADU 483/E

ADU 511/E Weapons Adapter

Designed to interface with the AERO 58A adapter to carry two stores side-by-side on the AERO 21C or MHU 191/E weapon skid.

NSN 4920-01-151-0737

PART# 1331AS401-1


ADU511A_E 002 copy.jpg
• ADU 511/E
• AERO 83A

AERO 83A Transport Adapter

The Aero 83A transport adapter consists of a tubular aluminum frame with a system of movable MERs or two TERs. The adapter is equipped with four rack-attachment hooks adjusted to accept 14- or 30-inch suspension lugs. The adapter is equipped with two tie-down straps to secure the load against the rubber bumpers. The Aero 83A transport adapter is used with the Aero 58A skid adapter on the MHHU-191 A/M weapon skid for transporting empty multiple ejector racks (MERs) and triple ejector racks (TERs). 

NSN 1730-00-966-5891

PART# 2483108


ADU 83A Transport Adapter

ADU 400

The ADU-400/E Skid Loading Lift Adapter is used with the MHU-191/M munitions transporter to lift and position armament and maintenance devices on the aircraft.

NSN 1730-00-143-8788

PART# 787AS200-1


ADU4000001 copy.jpg
• ADU 400
Aero 58A

AERO 58A Front & Rear


The AERO 58A skid adapter has a front and rear section. These sections are similar in design. The primary difference is the base: The front section has a 10-inch base and the rear section has a 15-inch base. These front and rear sections fit on the rails of the MHU-191 munitions transporter. 

Each adapter section has two removable rubber rollers supporting the weapon. These rollers are adjustable from one to six positions to accommodate weapons of different diameters. Nylon straps hold the weapon in place. One set of AERO 58A skid adapters has an SWL of 5,000 pounds. It holds a single weapon from 8 to 30.5 inches in diameter. The AERO 58A adapter can also be used with the MHU-126 A/M munitions trailer and the MHU-202/M small munitions trailer. 


NSN 1740-00-754-4804

PART# 64A114D16-1


NSN 1740-00-675-6031

PART# 64A114D17-1

_AB89163 copy.jpg

ADU 952/E Adapter High Lift

 The ADU-952E is a versitile hydraulically operated, corrosion resistant weapons/missile loading unit. This unit is a low silhouette, highly maneuverable lifting adapter that can be installed on both the MHU 191 Transporter and and MHU 202 Trailer, operated as a full transporter and loader unit for various munitions. Due to its low silhouette it can be positioned in various configurations under the aircraft platform. The hydraulic system uses a reliable hand pump with safe, time controlled lowering feature. There is also a safety velocity fuse in case of a line rupture. This unit is currently being manufactured for the F-35 program and is applicable to many aircraft platform.

NSN n/a

PART# 4097AS200-1


ADU 952/E
Hoists & Handlifts >
• HLU 288/E

HLU 288/E Bomb Hoist

The HLU-288/E bomb hoist is a lightweight, portable, manually-operated unit designed to load weapons and stores on aircraft.

NSN 1730-01-161-8623 

PART# 1353AS100-1


HLU 288 DSCN5512 copy.jpg
• MK 24 MOD 1
MK24 MOD 1 Torpedo Handling Dolly-2

MK 24 MOD 1 Torpedo Handling Dolly

Used to transport torpedoes up to 12.75 inch / 32.4 cm diameter aboard ships, the MK 24 MOD 1 Torpedo Handling Dolly is equipped with four solid rubber wheels and a "dead-man" brake which locks all four wheels, when actuated. 

NSN 1730-01-161-8623 

PART# 5166020


• MK 45 MOD 2

Hoists & Handlifts


MK 45 MOD 2 Series Handlift Truck

Used for torpedo and missile transport, the Handlift Truck MK 45 consists of a cast chain housing, tow bar assembly, crossbeam brake, assembly, steering column assembly, wheel and brake assembly, and lift mechanism assembly. 

NSN 3920-01-152-7179

PART# 5167104 


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