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DeVal Lifecycle Support Sole Source Manufacturer of MK-24 MOD 1 Torpedo Handling Dolly

Challenging Conditions at Sea for Military Maritime Equipment

Military vessels and equipment are often subjected to harsh and unpredictable conditions at sea. Extreme weather, rough seas, and high-stress environments demand robust and reliable machinery to withstand these challenges. As a manufacturer of armament and ground support for over 60 years, DeVal recognizes the importance of engineering and manufacturing support equipment that can endure such conditions without compromising performance or safety. By working closely with our customers and understanding their requirements, DeVal ensures that our support equipment can effectively operate in demanding maritime environments.

At DeVal Lifecycle Support, we thrive on meeting and exceeding these challenges through our manufacturing and testing process. Our recent work as the sole source on the MK-24 MOD 1 Torpedo Handling Dolly exemplifies this approach.

Modernizing Specifications and Ship Configurations

The Mk 24 MOD 1 Torpedo Handling Dolly, originally designed in the 1970s, had served as an essential tool in naval operations for decades. Manually propelled, it efficiently transports uncovered torpedoes weighing up to 1000 pounds in confined areas where mechanized transporters can't be utilized. It maintains usability in moderately heavy sea states and has the option to be equipped with a hydraulic jack and hand pump lamp assembly for additional options for lifting and transporting loads. The Mk 24 incorporates a "dead-man" brake, which, when actuated, secures all four wheels, enhancing safety and stability during operations.

During the mid-80’s, DeVal remanufactured the entire US fleet of Mk 24s, as well as manufacturing new units. In the challenging and unpredictable sea conditions where the Mk 24 units are utilized, the demand for reliable parts and components is heightened. As a result, we've made it our mission to ensure the ready availability of such essentials, minimizing equipment downtime and optimizing operational efficiency. Since then, DeVal has continued as the sole source to supply replacement parts and components to support operation of the Mk 24.

Recently updates in the manufacturing specifications were required. The technical data package was designed by NAVSEA, and DeVal's team aimed to maximize the value and functionality of the Mk 24 while minimizing costs and lead time.

One critical aspect that emerged was the need to modify the brakehold angle of the equipment to better withstand extreme conditions. Previously, the original drawings mandated full four stop braking at an 18-degree angle, but the updated requirements demanded a 20-degree angle to account for more intense maritime environments. Recognizing the significance of this alteration, DeVal's engineers engaged in thorough research and testing to validate the feasibility and functionality of the revised specifications. This resulted in improved manufacturing and testing techniques that ensured the Mk 24's suitability in even the harshest sea conditions.

Bringing Updated Requirements to Life

The importance of the circumstances under which our products are used is never underestimated by our team. Each phase of our manufacturing and testing process is intentionally designed with quality in mind, an approach that is fundamental to our operations. This commitment goes beyond the functionality of our products; it is about safeguarding the lives of those who rely on them. The entire DeVal team understands that the quality of the equipment we supply directly impacts sailor’s safety, and we take this responsibility very seriously.

Collaborating closely with our customer, DLA Maritime for NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support, we undertook a cyclical process of manufacturing, testing, and redesign over several months to adapt the Mk 24 to the updated requirements.

Our team reassessed the updated technical data requirements, integrated the changes, and produced the upgraded Mk 24 Mod 1 Torpedo Handling Dolly. The equipment was put through rigorous testing to ensure it met the updated requirements and could withstand the severity of conditions at sea.

The results? A robust, efficient, and modern piece of equipment, ready to support the Navy in its torpedo handling needs. The Mk 24 isn't just a response to new requirements – it's a testament to the rigorous manufacturing and testing processes DeVal has continued to build over the past 60 years.

At DeVal Lifecycle Support, we don't just adapt to changes – we anticipate them. We understand that our customer requirements and readiness goals can change, and that our equipment needs to keep pace with these changes. Through our manufacturing process, we're committed to not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of our customers, providing them with updated, upgraded, and optimized equipment. The success of the Mk 24 project serves as a testament to Deval's dedication to delivering robust, reliable, and innovative solutions for our warfighters.


About DeVal Lifecycle Support:

DeVal Lifecycle Support, a Parts Life, Inc. Company, is a full service build to print mechanical manufacturer of armament and ground support equipment, sub-assemblies, and major parts and components for military systems and sub-systems for over 60 years. As a small business certified HUBZone contractor for the Department of Defense, DeVal LCS is a full-service original equipment manufacturer with extensive high precision machining capabilities used to support our prime and government customers. Products include munitions trailers adapters & add-ons, drawbars, cargo loaders, weapon transport adapters, bomb hoist, dollies, self-propelled weapons loaders, testing and tool sets, and more. DeVal operates under regimented performance guidelines constituted by ISO9001:2015 and AS9100D Certified Quality Management Systems Programs.

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