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Showcasing Support Equipment Capabilities at the NDIA SE&V Modernization Summit April 30-May 2nd at the Georgia National Fairgrounds

Updated: Apr 30

DeVal Lifecycle Support will be showcasing our ground support equipment innovation and manufacturing design this week at the NDIA Support Equipment and Vehicle Modernization Summit April 30th-May 2nd at the Georgia National Fairgrounds. Stop by outside on your way to registration and see our upgraded and modernized MHU-141 Trailer. 

Our team uses design engineering for value added upgrades for support equipment to significantly extend the lifecycle of support equipment while reducing periodic maintenance needs, and reduce required downtime.  Upgraded components and materials last longer and require less man hours to keep equipment running.

Our innovative manufacturing and remanufacturing solutions are custom tailored to our customer's needs. Modernization upgrades are available as SLEP (Service Life Extension Program) kits that can be used by personnel in the field.

With multiple manufacturing solutions proven to extend support equipment’s lifecycle, DeVal Lifecycle Support has been an industry leader in mechanical manufacturing and remanufacturing to the Department of Defense for 70 years. 


DeVal Lifecycle Support, a Parts Life, Inc. Company, is a full service build to print mechanical manufacturer of armament and ground support equipment, sub-assemblies, and major parts and components for military systems and sub-systems for 70 years. As a small business certified HUBZone contractor for the Department of Defense, DeVal LCS is a full-service original equipment manufacturer with extensive high precision machining capabilities used to support our prime and government customers. Products include munitions trailers adapters & add-ons, drawbars, cargo loaders, weapon transport adapters, bomb hoist, dollies, self-propelled weapons loaders, testing and tool sets, and more. DeVal operates under regimented performance guidelines constituted by ISO9001:2015 and AS9100D Certified Quality Management Systems Programs.

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